Smart Credit

The immediate answer to your current and future needs.

Planning ahead ensures a more enjoyable and worry-free future. Whether you have immediate financial needs, or just want to prepare for the unexpected, it is smart to maintain substantial financial resources. Backed by the vast global network of the General Electric Company (GE), GE Money has established an outstanding reputation for pioneering flexible, user-friendly financial solutions. Now, we are delighted to introduce a revolving credit facility to Hong Kong – the Smart Credit Revolving Card.

Enjoy sufficient financial backup at no cost1

The Smart Credit Revolving Card offers you a lifetime annual fee waiver. Not until you utilize the credit line, there will be “No Cost” incurred.

Ultra-low interest rate2

The ultra-low interest rate enables you to better manage your financial needs and helps you to get rid of high interest.

Flexible monthly repayment

There’s no fixed repayment schedule and interest is charged on a daily basis on the amount drawn. The monthly repayment is just 3% on monthly total outstanding balance or HK$100 (whichever is higher). The credit line will automatically restore upon each repayment without re-application.

Instantly access to up to HK$400,0003

You can perform 24-hour cash withdrawals from over 900,000 ATMs worldwide, which enables you to get your financial support anytime, and anywhere. Be more flexible, you may simply call us for phone disbursement to your designated bank account.

Simple phone application and card issuance process4

We offer you a hassle-free application process, just one call is all it takes to apply and have your card issued.

I know! That’s why I got Smart Credit!

Notes:1.Only applicable for customers whose credit lines have not already been utilized2.Interest rate is assigned according to approved credit limit of respective accounts.3.Credit limit approval will be subject to each customer’s credit rating and according to our company’s internal criteria. And a 2% handling fee or HK$50 (whichever is higher) will be charged on the drawdown amount.4.Applicants are required to fax in application documents for further processing.

Terms and conditions:

  • GE Money reserves the right to revise these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice.
  • GE Money reserves the right to decline applicants who have unsatisfactory credit history or do not meet our credit criteria. In case of disputes, the decision of GE Money is final and binding.